Finance Claim – Can I Claim Against Black Horse

finance claim
Who is Black Horse Finance?

Black Horse Finance is a motor finance company offering customers a method of attaining finance to buy the car they desire. An increasing number of customers have not received reasoning or alternative finance options from Black Horse. This has caused rising numbers of Black Horse Customers seeking compensation for mis-sold loans. Black Horse Finance is part of Lloyds Banking Group, and any potential finance claim you may have against the firm can be verified.

If Black Horse Finance failed to check your financials regarding loan affordability, they could be liable for irresponsible lending. Did they ask you specifically about your income, and credit history at the time the loan was taken out?

The first step is checking if you have in fact, had money lent to you in an irresponsible manner. If the customer does not have a copy of their agreement, then we would make the necessary contact in order to learn this.

How Can Make a Finance Claim from Black Horse Finance?

If you have been subject to mis-sold car finance, and are eligible to claim, you can begin the process of making a claim with us. Use our simple 3 step process.

Providing a loan has been repaid, the interest taken may rise over the number originally borrowed. This is the logic behind why a refund is possibly high in sum – however this is a case by case assessment.

What Does Irresponsible Lending Involve? 
  • Offering un-affordable levels of interest.
  • Proposing an unrealistic repayment schedule.
  • The lender did not treat the customer fairly, especially in instances where you cannot repay a loan.
  • Not completing reasonable or proportionate checks.
Signs of Irresponsibly Handled Loans?
  • Did your lender carry out a proper credit check?
  • Did you experience money issues after beginning payments
  • Were you asked for proof of your finances by Black Horse Finance?
  • Did any forced borrowing occur?
  • Did you experience a hurried review for a loan?
  • How to claim for mis-sold finance?

Making a finance claim with My Car Finance is a simple 3 step process. With just a few details, you can begin an application today. Enter your registration into our automatic number recognition system to get started.

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